About Turn Of The Century Employees

Turn Of The Century has a local group of people that we're quite proud of.
Below are some of our outstanding field reps that we feel deserve special mention.

Turn Of The Century gratefully acknowledges the following field reps

Sam Beard
Sarah Muston
Raleen McCourry
Robert Parsons
Ed Beatty
Chris Chandler
Alice Crane
LeeAnn Duke
Tom Robinson
Ron LaRue
Teresa Cliborne
Fred Gott
Ray Miller
Marcus Turner

Becky Dykema
Mike Evans
Peggy Cichanowicz
Nikki Chavez
Jim Funston
Bill Davis
Rachel Nofer
Tim Gordash
Sandy Timourou
John Moore
Jerri Kitchen
Wallace Wimpenny
Rick Lidstone

This months' outstanding office personnel:


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